San Diego

Posted on: Tuesday April 19, 2016 Travel

This post was written in my sleeping bag at the end of a long day. Please excuse any errors.

San Diego is grittier than I expect. I arrive exhausted from an early flight, and from a long few days in Alaska. We petsit a husky and her bulldog friend for four days. She is full of energy, desperate to be outside and run. I have never identified more with an animal. I just want to be on the trail already.

san-diego I walk around San Diego. I know I should take it easy, but I’m full of the same restless energy that dogged me in Alaska. I walk up to Balboa park and then down by the bay. I eat Mexican food, burgers and Vietnamese, trying to pack on one last pound before the trail, but it is hard in the heat. san-diego And the heat! I rapidly downgrade how many miles I plan to do for the first few days. I wilt in the sun. Luckily, while the forecast for Thursday is hot, I should have a few days of cool weather after that. san-diego

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